Stay positive and optimistic. Don’t give up.

by | June 2021 | Words of Wisdom

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”


I have just returned from a fantastic trip visiting the U.S. neighboring Baja California. My wife and I explored, made some friends, and checked out El Squid Roe, the best night club in Cabo. 

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” Henry Miller.

The wonderful thing about traveling is that it allows one to get out of his or her current environment. I don’t know about you, but I am normally going 100 miles per hour and constantly juggling business, family, health, Facebook, etc. Taking time away allows a person to slow the thought process down. Stopping to view life without an agenda to follow and the constant demands placed on us in our high-tech media driven society. 

You’d be surprised at the number of times in my travels in developing countries, I’ve heard impecunious local people working in tough situations say, “Gee, I love my job” with a smile on their face. It’s unusual because I have not heard that back home where I live in California. Why do you suppose that is?

Hearing these people from other countries speak of their happiness, gives me a better appreciation for all that I might take for granted. Living in Orange County I have unbelievable life opportunities, beautiful surroundings, my precious family, an awesome team at work, and the list goes on. Being thankful does make you happier. Be thankful for how much or how little you have. As the proverbial saying goes, “It’s not whether the glass is half empty or full, it’s that you have a glass.”

My takeaway this month is for you to consider taking some time to get away even if it’s just for a weekend. Take a deep breath. Be still and slow things down. Sit in a garden or climb a mountain top. Find a quiet spot to see your life as it is…not for worse or better. America is one of the wealthiest and freest nations in the world. Be grateful and commit to making every day the best it can be.

If the recent COVID-19 pandemic occurring around the world has taught us anything, it is that nothing can be taken for granted. Everything can be gone in an instant so start living today!


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