TheHomeMag is the nation’s leading local home improvement direct mail magazine. We serve as your monthly inspirational guide to improving your home and, ultimately, enhancing your life within it.

TheHomeMag® Southern California (THM SoCal) is a premier home improvement publication that inspires homeowners to craft their ideal living spaces using local home improvement businesses. Every month, THM SoCal delivers to mailboxes in Orange County, San Diego, Riverside, South Bay, and Coachella Valley, connecting readers with reputable home improvement services and products. Nationally, TheHomeMag is the leading local home improvement direct mail magazine.

TheHomeMag – Southern California published its first magazine in 2008. In the beginning owner Ralph Harris, his wife Debbie and his brother Sean, worked round-the-clock to get the business going. Now THM SoCal is mailed to over 580,000 single-family homes in Orange County, South Bay Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, and Coachella Valley.

The company’s focus is on quality content and growth for both its readers and advertisers. THM SoCal provides pre-screened and approved home improvement businesses to select homeowners and assists in finding a professional in their area. For advertisers, THM SoCal becomes their marketing partner, helping them with their marketing, lead generating and sales. 

Additionally, your local edition of TheHomeMag is owned and operated by a local publisher (your neighbor) who is dedicated to offering their community an attractive and informative magazine each and every month.

Local Expertise

Our office team live and work in Orange County and San Diego. The advertisers in TheHomeMag are also local Orange County, San Diego, Riverside, South Bay, and Coachella Valley companies. We have personally met with every company and we feel they are all reliable and quality contractors.

Our Mission

To delight our readers by producing a high quality reference guide featuring a diverse and interesting range of home improvement products and services.

Our Values

We are passionate about what we do.

We care for and respect each other.

We live by honesty, integrity, and hard work.

We constantly seek ways to do things better.

TheHomeMag® SoCal Team

We are here to connect homeowners with top-quality, pre-screened home improvement professionals in their area. We assist in marketing and supporting local businesses.

Ralph Harris


Erwin Dass

Publisher & General Manager

Rachel Verdugo

Controller & Office Manager

Crystal Tovar

Sales Manager

Charles Musick

Production Supervisor

Dené Glamuzina

Art Director

Francisco Baquero

Graphic Designer

Laura Fama

Sales Administrator

Alan Fuller

Marketing Consultant

Gary McNeill

Marketing Consultant

Jeannie Stewart

Marketing Consultant

Olivia Oh

Office Administrator

Evan Krichman

Marketing Consultant