Service Warranty

Be sure who you hire! At TheHomeMag SoCal we pre-screen each and every service provider to ensure you know who you are dealing with. Our pre-screen checklist covers the following:

    1. License Number: We verify the company has a valid state license to perform the work advertised
    2. Credit: We perform a credit check to ensure that the company is in good standing
    3. Insurance: We verify the company has current general liability and workman’s compensation insurance

How it works in four easy steps.

Step 1

Find a service provider

Homeowners search the magazines or website and find a service provider they like.

Step 2

Homeowners register the job

Once a homeowner has decided to commence work on a project with a service provider from the website the homeowner will need to register the job on the service providers web page before the project starts.

This is simply to ensure that the service provider was contacted through TheHomeMag SoCal.

Step 3

Project is completed

Service providers complete the project as usual.

Step 4

If something goes wrong – Homeowners register a claim and the Service Warranty kicks in!

In the unlikely event the homeowner is not satisfied at the completion of the project, the homeowner needs to register a claim on the service providers website. At this stage TheHomeMag SoCal will step in and try to help resolve the problem. If we are unable to resolve it, we will reimburse the customer up to $1,000 to get the job finished correctly.

Register a claim if the job is complete and you are not happy.

Restrictions apply. Please read and understand the Pre-Screened Program and the The Terms of Use.