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LifeSource Water

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Solve your hard water problems. Our water filtration systems prevent scale build-up. A LifeSource whole house water system produces smooth, not slippery water. Our whole house water filters do not use salt and will not pollute fresh water resources. 100% maintenance free.

In your home the “workhorse” in the water purification, high grade Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), filters your water. It completely reduces the objectionable taste and odors of chlorine while adding nothing to your water.

At LifeSource Water Systems, Inc., we take pride in several principles that define our second generation, family-owned company. These principles set us apart in the business world and allow us continued success.

It’s easy to buy direct from LifeSource. Contact us now and we’ll have one of our water specialists provide you with all the information you need to understand why we are the most recommended water system in America.