Editors Letter

Editors Letter

“Everything you are seeking is within you already. You are the ONE.” -Kute Blackson

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out!

Our house is abuzz with Christmas lights and holiday decorations. Our family-orientated neighborhood makes a big effort lighting up their homes for Christmas. I really do enjoy coming home in the evening, driving through the streets, seeing how creative and festive everyone has made their homes. It’s Magical!

WOW! Where has the year gone! In a few weeks, this year will be over, and we will be starting the New Year. If we are not careful, February will be upon us, and we may find, that despite good intentions, we have not written out our goals for 2018. I don’t know about you, but I feel uneasy and unsettled if I do not have a concise plan with a clear direction.

I recently showed my team a very inspiring TED Talk, “How to Achieve your Most Ambitious Goals” by Stephen Doneier. Please do yourself a favor and watch this on YouTube. He reminds us that no matter the task, break it down into small mundane steps, and complete one step at a time to achieve fantastic results.

Most people don’t read any more. Why? Because they say they don’t have time. Has everyone really forgotten the power of reading! What if I told you that reading 10 minutes a day will ensure you read one book a month? I bet even knowing this fact, wouldn’t change most people’s reading habits; but how about this: say you read one chapter, one page, or one line? Stephen suggests you make it even easier and start with ONE WORD. That will lead to two words, three words, one sentence, one page, and soon you would have read 50 books, as he did in one year

A few weeks ago, I noticed my 13-year-old daughter was not doing her chores; she was rushing through her homework, and not reading her books as promised. She was rushed and disorganized in the mornings, and eating badly. So I introduced “Father Daughter Dinner Date” every Monday at 5 pm. She gets to pick the restaurant. I bought her a journal and chose a book that I really want her to read. We get to bond; talk about life; her issues; what’s working for her, and what’s not. We discuss changes she would like to see; and what she really wants in her life right now. We laid it all out in a plan: school results, eating, exercise plan, evening routine, morning routine, rewards if achieved, books she should read, etc. So far, we are four weeks into this process.

In the short space of four weeks, my daughter has moved all her grades to A’s and she is 90% on target for her eating and exercise plan. For the first time ever, her room is perfectly neat before she leaves for school. Honestly, it looks like another kid is living in her room. I help her come up with solutions and we discuss how decisions affect results. My wife and I can’t believe the massive improvement she has made, just by making small changes and then measuring them every Monday. Our child is happier and more confident due to making goals, planning them out, and implementing small changes consistently.

Anyone can do this. Make next year your best year by just making small changes over time. The trick is just starting the process. The point is, if you don’t have a plan to be accountable to, you have no urgency to get something done, and it never ends up happening. Just START! Ready, Fire, Aim and then correct and improve as we go.

Happy Holidays to you all!