Editors Letter

Editors Letter


 “Life changes when… you change something you do on a daily basis. The secret to success is found in your daily routine.” -John C Maxwell

How’s the summer vacation treating you so far? I have noticed a definite reduction in the number of cars on the road as I drive to work every day. Here in Newport Beach, all the schools are closed, and families have left for their annual vacations. This will be the first time in over 3 years that I am staying home for July and August, and I am happy to enjoy my less crowded neighborhood and wonderful warm weather and sea.

Truth be told, I just returned from a fantastic four week trip. Our company has our annual “guys” fishing trip every year, when about 20 franchise owners all meet up for three or four days of action-packed fishing. I am definitely not crazy about fishing; I don’t have the gear, the clothes, or the ability to name every fisherman’s dream catch. I enjoy being one of the “rookie” fishermen, which affords me the luxury of our fishing guide baiting, casting, and setting the lines up for us. I basically drink beer and chat with my mates until we get a strike, then I take over to hook him, and reel him in like a “hero.” I must say, rookie fishing is the way for me. It’s a no pressure, light work, adrenaline rush. You are surrounded by your buddies cheering you on and cracking you another beer while you reel in your prize. Simultaneously, the self-appointed photographer takes photos of your proud catch! What’s not to like about that scenario?

Anyhow, this year we set off to Staniel Cay in The Bahamas. It was my first trip exploring The Bahamas. The warm aquamarine-colored water was breathtakingly gorgeous, and it was great being with all my mates again. After days of fishing, cave diving, swimming with sharks, exploring, eating, drinking and partying in the one and only bar on our side of the island, it was time to join up with Debbie and our friends in Miami to start our trip to Europe. Our group headed out to Paris to finally do one of my bucket list items: the French Open at Roland Garros. What a treat! We bought VIP tickets for the Men’s 4th Round and Quarter Finals. Due to rain delays, we ended up watching matches between Stan Wiawrinka, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murry, Dominic Thiem, and Gaël Monfils. In our VIP seats, the whole experience was magical, and I’ll never forget it. For any tennis fans out there thinking about it, it’s totally worth it. Do it!

After five days in Paris, we drove south to Nice through the Burgundy and Champagne regions, staying in 600-year-old Chateaus and Abbeys, and eating at Michelin star restaurants along the way.  We explored the Cote d’Azur, staying in the ancient coastal town of Antibes. We shopped daily at the quaint, fresh farmers market on our street for fresh baguettes, cheeses, beurre (butter), croissants, and coffee. Throw in a hot poulet (chicken), baguettes, a few bottles of Rosé wine, and lunch is sorted.

Along the way we popped into Monte Carlo and ended up standing five meters from Princess Charlene and her daughter. Next was a short flight to Ibiza to catch David Guetta’s Summer Opening Concert at Ushuaia. This was a trip filled with great experiences and so much fun. Sure, we had some challenges along the way. Flights cancelled, lost luggage, but that is all part of the adventure, and it happens from time to time. But we always vow that it will not affect our fun, and we decided a long time ago to look for the adventure to be found in the opportunities the challenges create.

To be honest, as great as all my travels were, I am so happy to be home again. I’ve really missed my routine. After 30 days of very little exercise and eating and drinking poorly, my body and mind is just craving its old routine. Sure, it’s not easy getting back into the structured routine at the start. I’m up weekdays at 5am getting ready for gym. But I know I’m happiest when I’m back following my daily plan. Tony Robbins says, “Progress = Happiness.” I totally agree. When I’m working on my goals and following my daily routine, I stay on track, and it makes me feel fulfilled.

“Success is lots of small tasks and steps done regularly over a long period of time. Without a routine, it’s not going to happen.”

I wish everyone an awesome summer filled with lots of adventure. But I’m sure, like me, at the end of a lovely, long summer you will be happy to come back home at the end of it all to your structure and routine that moves you closer to your goals.

Happy Summer!!!


Ralph Harris


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