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Our large variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs is the best in Orange County. Our entire staff is highly knowledgeable about horticulture and will gladly help you pick out an aesthetic combination of landscape plants to fit your occasion.

We offer delivery service to anywhere in Southern California. Contact us for rates. We have seen the decline in quality of most of the plant material sold by retail nurseries over the last 2 decades. This is due to several factors. Competition in the market place is good if the public is knowledgeable about quality. Certainly we have seen the competition among automobile manufacturers raise the design and quality of cars to a high level. In fact healthy competition has raised the quality of many items we purchase because organizations like Consumer Reports have done an excellent job concerning performance over the life of the product.

Unfortunately plant growers are quite small and too numerous to have any comparative studies done. Also plant research projects are only funded for several months, whereas plant problems often don’t become apparent for several years. Virtually all container plants offered at the retail level are defective. The substrate the plants are grown in is based on temporary materials like wood shavings, finely ground bark, peat moss or some other form of compost. Initially these substrates can support vigorous growth, however all of these materials continue to decompose after installation. The original substrate soon shrinks, becomes less permeable and often toxic. The roots suffer and the plant, if it survives, usually exhibits stunted growth and small, off-colored foliage for many years.

Plants in Nature grow in soil called loam. Loam is generally more than 98% mineral. Compost does not become soil. (click on the button SOIL INFO for details) Container plants were originally grown in sandy loam or sand. Growing plants in compost was originally developed for annual flowers (florist trade) but unfortunately adopted by woody plant growers in order to lower shipping weight. Laguna Hills Nursery strives to provide plants and products that perform at maximum potential and to provide correct information that enables its clients to garden effectively and efficiently. We realize that we can offer a significantly superior plant if we grow it ourselves or acquire it from growers we trust.


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