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Buy 1, Give 1

Buy 1, Give 1


So what are you doing to give back? Here at TheHomeMag, we kept asking ourselves that same question. We were recently introduced to an organization that has helped us answer that question.

TheHomeMag has formed a partnership with Business for Good, otherwise referred to as B1G1 (Buy One, Give One). For more on their story, click here.

Every time you purchase anything from TheHomeMag, we donate a portion of those funds to help support others that are less fortunate. It aligns with our company values and what we believe in.

We are in a privileged position of being able to create a positive impact on others’ lives. We believe businesses have the power to change lives. And we know that power is provide by the loyalty and support of our customers, just like you.

Remember that, with our involvement with B1G1, just a small contribution from everyone is able to make a global difference; this impact stretches around the world.

Using our business to help others is rewarding. Please support us so that together, we can achieve our goal of improving the lives of over 1 million people globally.

Currently we are involved with giving to the following projects:




Feed an Orphan – Indonesia
Provide nourishing meals given to children





Irrigation System – Peru
Give support to farmers and the local village



School house


Bricks for classroom – Nepal
Provide bricks toward building school facilities to support education



Water Well



Access to Fresh Water – Ethiopia / Malawi
Access to life-saving water to villages in these two countries



Solar Cooker



Solar Cooker – India
Access to household appliances to feed the underprivileged



sprout in children hand



Plant a Tree – Bali
Trees planted to help save Orangutans



Muine, Vietnam - Feb 13, 2009: Vietnamese Women Sort Seashells O


Medical Support – Vietnam
Medical support were given to families with children who have life-threatening illnesses




men drink home made beer


Bed /Bath /Breakfast for Homeless – South Africa
Shelter provided to people in need