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3 Simple Ways to Transform A Room on a Budget

You’re looking to update your drab white walls, and there are many ways you can accomplish that, but we’re just going to talk about three of the most popular ways today.

Drywall Textures: One of the easiest and most popular ways is by using designer’s tricks. You can retexture the ceilings and walls that make your walls look more modern, or you can add a new layer of hand-troweled compound that will make your walls look like plaster, and by combining methods your home will be totally your own.
You can also spray the compound onto your smooth wall, let it dry then paint over it for a distinctive original look.
Faux Painting: Has become popular as designers develop their own style. Their techniques may resemble wallpaper such as glazing, sponging, ragging, wood grain and even free hand designs.
Many allusions can be achieved with faux finishing such as texture that creates a three dimensional effect. Products that are applied in layers on walls, fireplaces and ceilings can make them look like real stone, crumbling masonry or even go so far as to resemble peeling paint for an old country look. Other finishes look like linen, grass cloth or denim. With a little practice your room could resemble a marble wall or even a cloudy day.
A suede finish will make your dining room appear warm and inviting. You may like that look so well you will even have it done in your office, den, or just a quiet place where you can work.
Non-traditional Wall Coverings: That include wallpaper but may be any type of wall covering such as grass, cloth or cork. These are popular ways to change your room, hallway or entryway.
Foil is difficult to work with and it will show the imperfections in your wall, and it can get wrinkled and spoil the effect. The patterns on foil when properly installed can be uniquely different.
Cork of course is thicker, but in the right places it can be cozy, dark and even woodsy. Cork is usually installed in family rooms and offices.
Paper backed fabric is easier to install and it hides the defects in your walls because it is stiffer, but adds a finished look to your rooms.
As you choose the effect you want to achieve in transforming your rooms, don’t forget the ceilings and make sure you really like the wallpaper if that is your decision. It is much easier to repaint a room, than to remove old wallpaper and start over.
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